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    Hello Guys

    Well, Iīve got a BB 8800 from a friend, he asked me whether I can fix it or not. I told him that I can try. The problem is that the BB wonīt boot. When I charge it, a cancelled battery symbol is displayed. So I bought a new battery, but I still have the same Problem. I opened the case and cleaned everything inside, but still the problem is not fixed. So I wanted to install an Update, but again I failed. Iīm living in Germany so I canīt give you exact information, but the Updater loads the FW-files, proceeds but always stucks with "Neu mit JVM verbinden", I think it should mean: "Creating new JVM connection" or something like that. The Desktop Software of BB shows the same error. It stucks and says that the BB couldnīt be connected or that it losed connection or something like that. I also canīt wipe the BB. When I try to wipe the Phone there comes a message ("type "backberry" if you really want to wipe your phone") and after that it immediately returns to the main menu of the program. Iīve written in several other forums, but the users couldnīt help me or I didnīt get any answers. I hope you can help me fix the problem. Iīm trying to repair the phone for a week, but still unsuccessful.

    PS: Sorry for my bad English

    Many greetings
    02-17-11 08:48 AM
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    Do you know what BBSAK is?
    It can wipe the phone and load the OS.
    Have you made sure the battery contacts are fit snug?
    02-17-11 08:52 AM
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    The battery fits. But Iīve never heard of BBSAK. Iīve used Jl_Cmnd. Can you maybe give me some links, please?

    EDIT: Iīve found and tried BBSAK now, but still no results. I canīt connect my BB, it only shows the message "No device detected, push OK to continue"

    EDIT2: I also recognized that my Desktop App also cannot connect to the Phone, though the general phone information is shown on the main screen...
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    02-17-11 09:06 AM
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    Nobody, who can help me?
    02-18-11 06:35 AM