1. dh321's Avatar
    Anyone else having this issue? This is/was my first OS upgrade and all seems fine, however at least once a day I have to do a battery pull as my system slows down and keys seem to "hang up". Any ideas?
    03-17-09 05:40 AM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    How much memory is free immediately after you do a battery pull?

    How much memory is free just before you pull the battery?

    What applications are you using? Are you shutting them down completely, or are they just moved to the background?

    Check to see what apps are running (hold the ALT key and press the Back key). It sounds like to have several apps running in the background that are taking up memory.
    03-17-09 06:17 AM
  3. dh321's Avatar
    Hi Xopher,

    Thanks for the reply. I haven't looked at memory, I confess to not having a clue. I'll do that today when at some point I'll know I'll need a battery pull.

    3rd party apps loaded: Slacker for BB, NFL Live, BES Empower mailbox. How would I know if these programs are still running in the background? Of course the BES mailbox is always "running" since my work email goes there. However it's not acting quite right since the upgrade. I've emailed them and I don't necessarily like the answer, but I still need work email in a separate folder so I keep it on there.
    03-17-09 09:45 AM
  4. s3ancall's Avatar
    i just posted a thread exactly like this my memory is straight up dissapearing as soon as i turn on my phone if i go look at free space i can actually watch it dissapear i have no idea would could be running right away and using this much memory after one day i go down to about 3 mb and i dont do anything! some one has got to figure out how to prevent this..... maybe an app? or anything any one can suggest would be awesome......
    03-17-09 10:20 AM
  5. greatcasa's Avatar
    Make sure you have memory cleaner on and set to run when your BB is idle. After every battery pull you have to renable it. In options click on Security Options, then Memory cleaning. Enable it and run the memory cleaner. Set the settings to make it run while in your holster or idle. 4.5 does tend cause memory to go away clickly, however with memory cleaner running, it keeps things pretty regular. I forgot to renable it after a battery pull once and dropped from about 12.3 mb free to 6 in a day. With memorry cleaner running I start at 12.3mb and drop to about 10mb and hover there, until the next battery pull.

    Hope that helps.
    03-17-09 11:51 AM
  6. dh321's Avatar
    Thanks Greatcasa, I've followed your directions to a t. I honestly never knew about the memory cleaner, so a big thanks there. Is there a way to convert bytes to memory space? My 8830 only tells me in bytes how much free space I have.
    03-17-09 02:16 PM
  7. greatcasa's Avatar
    03-17-09 02:47 PM
  8. saintj's Avatar
    Also please remember that all the email and texts along with web browsing will cause your mem to drop. Sometimes looking at your database sizes will let yiou know where the mem is
    03-17-09 03:20 PM
  9. s3ancall's Avatar
    i just saw a post about if you use a third party theme that drains your memory so i switched to a preloaded theme and this seems to keep my memory way more consistent before i was losing at least 4 mb every hour but now im staying with in 1 or 2 mb a day
    03-18-09 02:09 AM
  10. tomlcollins's Avatar
    Is there any way to have the memory cleaner stay set to work after a battery pull?
    03-24-09 08:38 AM
  11. Xopher's Avatar
    Is there any way to have the memory cleaner stay set to work after a battery pull?
    Not at the moment. The setting doesn't carry forward after a battery pull.

    To see what apps are running in the background, hold the Alt key down and press the Back button. This brings up tha app switcher. You can then see if anythign is running that you think should have been shut down. I believe the five apps that can't be shut down (always running) are Browser, BlackBerry Messenger, Home Screen, Messages, and Call Log. If you have anything like Berry Locator or Black & White list, those will continue to run in the background as well.
    03-24-09 09:20 AM