1. playinlax's Avatar
    Could someone please point me in the right direction for automatically switching my blackberry 8830 from my normal setting to the vibrate setting based on the time of day. I have found a forum page which said that you could manually hold the the # key, but that didn't work for me.

    I use my ringers to wake in the morning and also like to know when I have calendar reminders. Personally, I think it is rude to use these ringers in the office and would like all sounds to be vibrate.

    Does anyone know of a program / OS release where these settings exist?

    (As this is my first post: yes, I did search for this, and yes, I RTFM already )
    01-14-08 07:26 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I'd check online for a third party software to resolve this issue. I don't know of one directly...
    01-14-08 07:50 AM
  3. playinlax's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick response!
    01-14-08 08:03 AM
  4. jsanders's Avatar
    I know of one... let me look a sec.
    01-14-08 08:08 AM
  5. jsanders's Avatar
    Here you go, from Handango:
    BlackBerry Profile Scheduler : Blackberry : Handango

    Or an OTA trial here:
    BlackBerry Profile Switcher

    There is a review of it here if you like:

    Good luck.
    01-14-08 08:10 AM
  6. playinlax's Avatar
    JSanders, thank you so much! My life is complete now.

    You've saved me 30 seconds a day, 3 hrs a year!
    01-14-08 08:57 AM
  7. jsanders's Avatar
    you are welcome, hope it works well for you.
    01-14-08 09:06 AM
  8. sbirnie's Avatar
    since I use my bb for work, they have security settings so the phone locks automatically. Is there nothing that will do it automatically without faking keystrokes?
    05-22-08 03:27 PM
  9. avolcoff's Avatar
    you can check "unlockit" on app world
    10-16-09 05:02 PM