1. gwhitegeog's Avatar
    As we all know, all Blackberries have an Auto On feature, so you can adjust the time that the device switches on and off. Obviously, you can adjust this so that the device does not auto-turn on at all, if you so desire.

    I have one annoyance with both my Blackberries (8820 and 8120) - does anyone know if there is a solution? The device will auto turn on if there is a current Calendar Alert. For example, if you have a 24 hour alert of a meeting on a Wednesday morning at 10am, it will auto turn on at 10am on the day before, even if the device is switched off at that time. This is really annoying and I would rather the Blackberry told me of the Alert when I next turn on manually. The Alerts are synched across from Outlook.

    Is there a solution to this - can you cancel auto-turn due to alerts?

    Thanks in advance, Gary
    07-01-08 04:59 PM
  2. BBIronMan's Avatar
    Not to my knowledge, the auto-turn on is automatic for any scheduled alert including tasks and calendar.
    07-02-08 08:56 AM