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    My audio jack on my 8800 is no longer working. It was working fine until my phone slipped from my workout pants while listening to music. The phone almost hit the floor, but was snapped up by the earbud cord, which was still connected to the phone, with the earbuds in my ears. I think this loosened the audio jack, because right after this happened, the audio was dodgy, with music playing in one ear, then ramping back up in both ears, and eventually lowering to a whisper. I notice that when I jiggle the connector, it will play fine, and when I release it, it goes back down to a whisper. I purchased a new earbud set, and same thing; it's the jack.

    I would like to replace it myself as long as no soldering is needed. Can this be done?? Or, is there perhaps a simpler method, like taping down the existing jack so that it is seated more firmly?? any techies out there would be helpful (like you good folks working at BBRepair.com).

    I just got it back from repair for the busted USB port (promobility) and NEVER want to send it off again, if I can avoid it. Not only did the incompetents at ProMo take SIX WEEKS to mail my phone back, I noticed the audio jack was slightly askew when it returned. I do believe that while fixing the USB, they unseated the audio jack somewhat, likely precipitaing it breaking in the gym. However, I refuse to send it back to ProMo even if it is their fault as SIX WEEKS is an obnoxious amount of time to be without my Blackberry!!!!

    Any ideas on how to fix this?? I have full length feature films, videos, music on my SD card, and am missing my pastime fun!!!
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    Wow, the same thing happened to my 8800. The jack stopped working recently. In my case though, I didn't almost drop mine. Seems like everything on the side of my BB 8800 stopped working lately and not from abusive handling. It now has stopped charging thru the side jack. I'm going to have to purchase a cradle charger till I can get it fixed or I upgrade.

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    well if it stopped charging through your side jack (I.e. USB Port), that was my previous problem. The USB was replaced by the fools I mentioned in the initial post, who promised a 5 day turnaround, and kept my phone for SIX WEEKS.

    Perhaps these 8800's are defective. I am thinking of selling it as a defective device on ebay, and using the money to purchase a brand new one. I really enjoy the audio feature, and do not want to keep the phone if it simply does not work
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    If you're selling it faulty, let me know:

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