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    I have thrown my technology world into turmoil switching from a PC to a MAC and from a Treo 700W to the BB 8830 - within the past two weeks.

    I am managing everything pretty well but I cannot seem to get my audible books onto my phone. Apparently my server will not let me use audible air (although I cant figure out how they are affected.). I am using Pocket Mac to sync between my Mac and my BB. I have downloaded a book from Audible - it is on my desktop but I cannot figure out how to transfer it to my phone. I am feeling realy stupid at this point. I have the phone connected to the computer via the usb cable. But I cannot see anything on my computer that shows it is conected to the BB. I have reviewed the User Manual but that document seems oblivious of Mac users.

    I must be mising something but I cannot figure out what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    09-29-07 05:09 PM
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    Katii I know when you initially set up audible you have to direct it as to where you want it to send ur down load. In my case itunes. Did you change this to comply with your new settings on the actual Audible website?

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    09-29-07 05:20 PM
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    Have you changed ur settings on audible.com to show you are now using pocketmac instead of what you were using in the past for your downloads?

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    09-29-07 05:32 PM
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    OK - I realized that unless I say enable mass media - the blackberry does not show up on my Mac. Once I enabled mass media, I could open the folders on my blackberry and drag the audible file to the folder. It transferred in no time and I can listen to it on the BB with my stereo bluetooth headset. I am a very happy camper.

    09-29-07 09:25 PM
  5. runningshepherd1's Avatar
    Katie, how did you get sound from the Audible player on 8830 to come out on the stereo bluetooth ? I have a Verizon 8830 with the Audible player and a couple of books stored on my media card. Both books play fine with sound coming out the 8830's speaker. But I cannot get sound into my stereo bluetooth headphones nor can I get sound into a wired plugged in headphone, even though the regular media player and the normal phone sounds-ringers work fine with bluetooth and a wired headset. thanks

    11-01-07 07:49 PM
    My understanding is that the 8320 is not yet compatible with Audible (per their website). I asked them when it would be, they indicated that was up to Blackberry. I can't find any information on when that might be. It's very irritating
    01-16-08 09:55 AM