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    I have updated my OS so many times in the past but randomly I have trouble.

    For instance, when I was updating my OS on an 8830WE in the past, I had installed the latest desktop manager, installed the OS, removed the vendor file, etc. and it would not recognize there was an update available. I would uninstall everything, manually go through the entire computer after a restart and remove all RIM, blackberry, etc folders and files off the computer, restart again, reinstall everything fresh, remove vendor file, and have the same result, no update available.

    So i bring the destop manager and os update to my wifs computer and install them via jump drive, same files as on my other computer, not fresh downloads, I plug in my Blackberry and VIOLA! The update went through!

    So now my wife does not have a comp a couple years later, I have a fresh install of windows 7, never had Desktop manager on here, I installed Desktop manager, new os removed vendor file, restarted, doublechecked for vendor.xml by searching the entire harddrive to ensure that file was not in existence anymore, I plug in my BB to go from to and it will not give me the option to update, I tried the BB desktop manager, I tried app loader, etc. All the tips on this site except for wiping my handheld clear, which I SHOULD not have to do.

    Any help?
    08-24-09 10:08 PM
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    Not sure bud, that situation sounds sticky. You might petition an admin to move this thread to the software section. You might get more help that way.

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    08-25-09 11:15 AM
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    My eyes got wide when I saw you mention Windows 7. Why would you be using a beta or prerelease desktop OS to update your BB OS? Can you borrow time on a machine with XP?
    08-25-09 11:57 AM
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    i actually did the .160 update on windows 7 64bit . you just need to make sure you do as they say and install everything as in DM and the new .160 files without being online. afterwards you have to use the loader.exe not DM to install the update to your phone. i did this for sprint
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    08-25-09 04:04 PM