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    Could someone send me their Alltel MMS service books? Im on an Alltel plan, even though VZW bought them out. I bought a VZW phone cuz it was cheap and I think that if I can get the Alltel service books and install them I could use MMS messaging. Do you guys think that will work? I have the Sprint service books but Im not sure if they'll work. I havent received the phone yet so I can test those out. If someone could send me the Alltel service books that would be great!!

    Also, my friend has an Alltel 8330. Could I use his service books?

    08-02-09 08:04 PM
  2. acurax's Avatar
    Change your blackberry registration id to 144 by using ##000000 and scrolling down then press your menu key then "edit bb red id" then scroll down to 2004 menu then delete then scroll up to new reg id and enter 144 then press menu then save then menu and then close

    Then request new service books and voila
    08-03-09 09:38 AM
  3. Frankie Figs's Avatar
    Ok, Ill have to try that when I get the phone. It should be here today. When you say to request new service books, do you mean Ill have an option on the phone to do that or is that done through DM?

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    08-03-09 09:43 AM
  4. Frankie Figs's Avatar
    How do I request new service books?
    08-03-09 02:41 PM