09-08-10 10:41 AM
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  1. Smejk's Avatar
    I got the Bold 9700 January 2010, It set up with AKO with no problems. Last week, about 16 Feb it quit working. I figured it was just a temporary error so I deleted the account. Now it won't add the new one. Any ideas as to why it would have worked then stopped?

    If the answer is AR 25-yadda yadda, I don't need a reply. <- no anger, just have already received that answer from AKO help desk. My wife has iPhone, and it sets up with no problem.
    02-22-10 10:30 AM
  2. StarDestroyer's Avatar
    @Smejk: I'm sorry, but AR 25-yadda yadda is the only answer there is. The Army actively blocks connections from the BlackBerry Internet Service to their mail servers. From time to time, the BIS server may start working on a different IP, but as soon as they realize it they will block it.

    The reason it works on your wife's iPhone is a difference in the way the two phones get email.

    The iPhone (along with the Pre, Android based phone, Windows Mobile Phone, and pretty much every phone except the BlackBerry) retrieves messages itself. You tell it the IMAP or POP settings (including username and password) and it stores all those settings locally on the phone. Every once in a while, the phone logs into the remote server and checks for new email. This is permissible by AR 25-yadda yadda.

    With the BlackBerry, on the other hand, you log into the BIS server and configure it to check your email. Your settings (including the username and password) get stored on the BIS server. Every now and then, the server checks for new email and if it finds some, it sends the messages down to your phone. AR 25-yadda yadda says that you cannot give your password to anybody. That includes giving it to Research In Motion in order for them to check your email for you.

    I know this isn't the answer you wanted, but sometimes there's only one possible answer. As I recall, regulations also prohibit using AKO for any confidential (let alone classified!!) information transmission, so I don't know why they need to be so particular about your AKO password. Between the complexity requirements, the early expiration and silly prohibitions like this one they're making it near impossible for the average soldier to be able to, let alone want to, use AKO for anything. I've seen communication at the platoon and squad level (I was a Reservist) go much smoother using 3rd party mediums like Facebook or normal email than it ever went using AKO... and somehow the Army still thinks their "security regulations" make sense.
    02-22-10 11:01 AM
  3. majorroth's Avatar
    I need help. I purchased at Blackberry Tour 9630 and set it up to receive my AKO email a few weeks ago. Was working fine for a few weeks and now it does not work at all. Tried to set it up from scratch again but no success. Can anyone give me the exact settings to get this operational again? I don't understand logicmail either. If I download that would I be able to get the AKO email to my blackberry??
    02-22-10 01:19 PM
  4. Smejk's Avatar
    Ok, so I found a workaround that doesn't mess with logicmail. If you set up AKO as IMAP with Microsoft Outlook on your home pc or laptop, you can then create a rule for it to forward all e-mails to another address. On your BB, create a blackberry email account, then it is treated like any other e-mail account delivering to your BB "messages" folder. Any questions? scott.smejkal @ us.army.mil

    Well, only drawback is you have to have your outlook running during the day if you want to get e-mails.

    @Star Destroyer

    Yeah I know the AR answer is the only answer, but I figure if CSMs and SGMs can ignore AR 670-1 about wearing electronic devices on one's belt, (only one device and they can be no larger than 2" x 3"...which I haven't seen a blackberry that is) then why would anyone be expected to follow 25-1. But I do agree that the password change requirements are ridiculous. I've used my AKO as my only e-mail acct since 2000. It keeps spam away, and in turn, keeps me from having to sort through hundreds of e-mails a day.

    ^ I've had my home Outlook set up for the past 5 years. Both through Imap and Pop. I think that from then until Nov of last year, I didn't sign into AKO once.
    02-22-10 07:16 PM
  5. tiggit's Avatar
    The best way to connect from your BlackBerry to AKO is to use tiggit mail - which you can download from the crackberry store, or from tiggit.com

    tiggit mail includes an automatic configuration for AKO making it easy to configure your BlackBerry. You just need to enter your email address and your password.

    Your credentials are only stored on the BlackBerry, and the BlackBerry makes a secure connection from the Handheld to the AKO server, in accordance with Army Regulations.

    Compliant, simple and secure.
    06-25-10 10:07 AM
  6. AKOUser's Avatar
    I can only receive my AKO email through Tiggit using WiFi on my BB Curve

    - I selected WiFi and Cellular on the network settings

    - I unchecked the network settings boxes as directed on the configuration settings

    - I receive the following message when not on WiFi: Cannot connect to server java.ioException: Tunnel failure

    I tried to get help directly from Tiggit but received no reply. Any advice?
    08-27-10 08:12 AM
  7. Sandhawk60's Avatar
    I can't post any links so put the appropriate stuff in from of the following and change your settings. It should address your tunnel failure, etc.

    09-08-10 10:41 AM
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