1. mollycase's Avatar
    hi - probably a question that's been answered a million times, but my searches didn't exactly seem to provide what i was looking for.

    is there a way to get my address book via the web? i have verizon and used to be able to use the Backup Asst to get my address book online. but that app isn't available on the bb.

    is there something i can do other than syncing thru the usb cord w/OL? my computer does not have bluetooth, either.

    i'm thinking of this for situations when i would forget my phone (like today) and need to get a number for someone.

    06-25-08 08:01 AM
  2. philb's Avatar
    I'm not positive how Verizon address book works, I have used desktop manager for Yahoo and outlook. You may be stuck having to do some copying. I do believe having online backup is important but you need something that is able to sync

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    06-25-08 08:09 AM
  3. cupcake8674's Avatar
    I have Verizon-and it amazed me that my $20 phone had back-up assistant and the $350 didn't.

    Anyway, unless there is some crazy program out there-maybe if you do a google search you will get lucky; there is no web access to your contacts. Make sure you back them up to you PC or MAC.

    Take it from me, one day I was driving and my berry was charging on the car charger-the next minute the screen went black. The charger zapped my berry and I lost over 200 numbers. I'm still not over it.
    06-25-08 10:46 PM