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    This may have been asked a thousand times, but new to site here and couldnt find it. My 8830 has 5MB of internal memory, but I have a 1GB SD card in it. I want to be able to use some of that 1GB. Right now, I only have 3 apps loaded onto phone, and its just about maxed out. Any suggestions?

    08-31-09 09:25 AM
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    You should have more than 5MB! Try performing a battery pull, with the phone still on, remove the battery, wait 30 seconds and reinsert it. After it gets done booting up, you should see a difference in your memory.

    A media card can not be used to help with your phones memory! What you need to do is make sure all your media items (pics, videos, music etc) are on the media card and not on your device itself. After you do that, you should see a huge difference!

    And if you still want to free up a little extra memory, look into this thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/how-...-memory-34633/

    But keep in mind that a media card can not be used to assist your device memory! And be sure to perform routine battery pulls to ragain any memory you lost since your last battery pull.

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    08-31-09 09:33 AM
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    this is one of the $hittiest things ive ever heard. Is there a reason behind them doing this? Even my crappy Samsung will give you the choice of where to store things,, internal or external..
    08-31-09 09:38 AM
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    you can store applications on your memory card, but you cant install them to it and run them from it...

    sucks i know...even my moto q9c could run apps from a memory card...

    i installed maxmem (if u want it, just search here or google for maxmem for blackberry) i was able to delete voice activated dialing with maxmem since i never use VAD. it helped a little...

    on my 8830 i deleted docs2go, blackberry maps, languages i didnt use, brickbreaker, VAD, and a few other things...
    08-31-09 09:47 PM