1. beavis45's Avatar
    Hi please excuse me if this question has been asked/answered already. I recently purchased a WE 8830 from my cdma network carrier so that I could put in a prepaid sim pack from the philppines so that I could just have one phone instead of multiple ones. Here is my dilema; I have a Smart roaming sim pack that works perfectly here in the US through the ATT network (apparently a ATT/Smart partnership) with my unlocked 8900 Blackberry. However when I put that same sim pack in my 8830 it will not work at all ie; doesn't recognise any network. I took it to my provider here and explained the problem to the representative and he very slowly(haha different problem here) explained that it doesnt work because I am here in the US and that it will only work internationally. He could only repeat that same phrase over and over again as I asked him to explain why it works on my 8900 but not in my 8830. I am confused! I have tried to find the answer to this by reasoning it out and here is my question; is it a frequency issue? I mean does the 8830 restrict the frequency that it broadcasts on to only a specific one and therefore does not find that proper fequency here in the US? I went to the local ATT carrier here to find out what frequency they broadcast on and I am told that they broadcast across the 900/1800mhz range. HELP!!
    08-08-09 04:59 PM
  2. bluedragon1971's Avatar
    Your provider is correct. The 8830 will not work on US GSM frequencies. Most of the rest of the world uses a different set of frequencies. The equipment is not there for US GSM in the 8830.
    08-08-09 06:39 PM