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    I'm here in Spain a bought a 8830 WE before I left the USA. I paid to have it unlocked when I got here. I bought a SIM for MasMovil, and the phone did not recognize the network, but it did Orange, Movistar, and Vodafone. I have an Orange SIM card that I bought today as well now, and even though i was able to call to customer support, I can't call regular spanish numbers still, even though it says "Orange" on the home screen and the GSM is lit up. I have switched the country code default to +34, tried dialing it too, and w/o, to no avail....

    The data won't work until midnight here, which is the main reason i got a BB, so i could use Whatsapp etc and email. I also tried the ##000000SEND thing to change the number of the phone, but it wont save it even though I've tried exactly as it was layed out in another entry. I'm at my wits end and am about to just buy a 20 flip samsung and save myself the trouble and use both my sims and forget about using the internet. does anyone have any advice other than that already here? I've tried everything.
    02-13-12 09:31 AM