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    I want to purchase the 8830 from Verizon, but I have to know the signal strength before I'm willing to make the move. Here's why:

    I have a Samsung 990 on Verizon, and the signal quality is giving me fits. The place where I work is built almost entirely of cinder block, and the cinder block (it seems) interferes with the signal. I've got dead spots like crazy in this place that seem to "roam" from place to place.

    I used the service code on the 990 to check the signal quality, and it ranges from "T-63 D081-07" (outside) to "T-63 D105-09" (inside the building). When I get dropped calls, the signal range is in the mid ninties and up, and unfortunately, it's ALWAYS in the mid ninties and up when I'm here in the building.

    Any advice here? What's your experience with signal strength with the 8830? Is there ANY phone that will do well against cinder block or is this just something I'm going to have to put up with no matter WHICH phone I have?
    And how's the BT call quality on the 8830? On my A990 it's FANTASTIC

    I'm getting REALLY TIRED of dropped calls at my workplace. I just had to call back a person 6 times in 10 minutes because of dropped calls due to lack of signal strength.

    While I want the 8830, I don't want to repeat the same problem with a different phone.

    Thanks for the help!
    08-10-07 11:45 AM