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    The usb connector on my 8830 is loose and won't let me charge my phone correctly. I have to wrap the charging cable around the phone mummy style so it'll charge. I have insurance and was wondering what the likelyhood of the replacement phone I would get would be the tour? I'm with Sprint if that's a factor. I think that if my phone would happen to be in stock I would get the same model but if it isn't. The only other world phone would be the tour, right?
    08-26-09 08:56 AM
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    This is correct, I think you just need to let the customer rep that handles your claim know that you need your world phone for business so that they make sure they send you a replacement or a Tour, Good Luck!
    08-26-09 09:22 AM
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    I don't know about Sprint, but on Verizon the insurance is handled by an outside company. They seem to have an inexhaustible supply of refurb older model phones. Perhaps you will get lucky and the Sprint rep will offer you a Tour but I doubt it.
    08-26-09 10:50 AM
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    It depends sprint still carries the 8830 on the website so you can still end up with an 8830 I actually just got one replaced from sprint. They will upgradge you when its no longer avail and no more are in stock.also if you have the tep and esrp its a free replacement if they can't fix it in house. If its damaged they will make you go through asurion. Hope that makes sense

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    08-26-09 06:33 PM
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    Why would you want to go to the Tour?! This phone is awesome! I'm not putting done my WE until I HAVE to. Good luck though! I hope you get what you want! And I haven't heard of a story like that over here at Verizon, they sure seem to want you to stay with the phone you have until upgrade time.

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    08-27-09 12:55 AM
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    Thanks for all the help guys. I appreciate all the input. I get paid next week. I'll give it a shot then. Even if I have to use Asurion, $50 for a replacement ain't that bad.
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    08-31-09 09:32 AM
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    Dude you have sprint Try to get go in to a repair store first see if they can fix it bcuz they will swap out for free if they can fix it otherwise its 100 through asurion.

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    08-31-09 12:16 PM
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    Well, I went today an hour before work and they said they would give me a new phone in an hour. I had to go to work so I went at lunch to pick it up. They gave me a new phone and I just had to talk to tech to reset all my service books and stuff. I used idrive to store my contacts so I didn't have to do much.
    09-05-09 08:11 PM