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    I have been playing with my 8830. I successfully transferred a "sample" MP3 to the device. I deleted it from the device. However, the media tag information from the MP3 continues to populate the Artist and Album Name fields. I have tried every possible thing I could think of to remove them (short of wiping the device). I have deleted the MP3 on the BB and when that failed to delete the tag info I copied the MP3 again and then deleted it using the Media Manager software. The transfer was directly to the on-board memory (my SD Micro is being shipped).

    Is there something I am missing? Is this expected behavior or does something seem "not right?" If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would be happy to hear them.

    Thanks in advance,

    06-07-07 07:46 AM
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    View the music directory from the BlackBerry on your PC. I think there will be a 'system file' in that directory, something.dat (or something like that). Delete it, and that 'should' solve it...
    06-07-07 03:53 PM
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    Thanks for responding, Navilyn. I took your suggestion and tried to locate a dat file or any sort of file other than media and either could not locate any or could not directly access the drive. Using 'Roxio Media Manager'- that specifically allows interaction with media files only. No other dat or configuration files were found in memory. I attempted to directly access the the drive from 'My Computer' but received a 'Please Insert Disk in Drive E' message. So my last option was 'Desktop Manager' software. But there was no direct interface in the program to access the memory to remove any files.

    If you have any further suggestions they would be most welcome. Thanks again.

    06-07-07 06:19 PM
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    The part where you tried to connect via 'My Computer' is the right direction to take. BUT, when you initally connect the device to the pc, and message will come up on the device, "do you want to enable mass storage" Saying yes to this, allowed the My Computer option to work...

    Go to options / advanced options / media card. Media card support, must be set to on...
    06-07-07 07:08 PM