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    Software For BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition smartphone

    BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.5.0.311 (Multilanguage)

    Package Version:
    Consisting of:

    * Applications:
    * Software Platform:
    * File name: 8830AMEA_PBr4.5.0_rel311_PL3.4.0.59_A4.5.0.186_Spr int_L.P.exe
    * File size: 82.61MB

    Note: The Software Platform and Applications version numbers can be found under Options-About screen on the handheld.

    8830 and 8830m versions available for download
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    04-30-10 11:03 PM
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    05-01-10 03:39 PM
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    Any opinions yet? What changed?
    05-13-10 10:36 AM
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    Findings Summary

    The following findings have been collecting from the posts in this thread and on this forum. Positive findings are marked in blue, negative findings are marked in red. Neutral or unconfirmed findings in gray.

    • Device operation is smooth and responsive. codemaker
    • Higher device memory than previous release on boot. codemaker
    • Better memory management (might be the result of higher device memory). codemaker

    • "Device media processor is busy." error message does not seem to occur, but occasionally, media playback does stop in the same manner as if the error message had been encountered. codemaker BB KB14943 BB KB14028 macduff98 (blackberry support forums) codemaker
      Playback is restored after a battery pull. Starting voice dialing, waiting for it to initialize then exiting it also restores media playback.
    • Some users experience chirping on calls. This seems to be dependent on where you are located (see previous findings threads for details). bbeck

    • Tasks were restored with incorrect due times. codemaker
    • Power off icon cannot be hidden. codemaker
      This may be an isolated incident. It has been sporadically reported for previous releases and has only affected some users.

    Previous Findings Threads:
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    I have been using this release for a few weeks. Immediately I noticed more device memory on boot than the previous release. With the last release, I would boot with like 1.5 megs free and have to do multiple battery pulls a day to avoid nearly constant hourglassing; with this release I boot with 5-7 megs and my battery pull frequency has been reduced to once every few days depending on my usage patterns. I have also observed this release to be more resilient to running out of memory, although this may be a result of the increased memory on boot. This release seems slightly smoother in operation than the previous release too. Ever so slightly smoother. I have not noticed any changes in battery consumption and I cannot comment on the chirping problem as I didn't experience it with the previous release.

    Overall I find this release to work much better than the previous one. Mainly because of the increase in free memory.

    Note: I removed the default themes to help free up space so this isn't a completely stock install.
    05-13-10 11:04 PM
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    Here is the changelog from sprint's website. 4/21/2010
    This upgrade fixes:
    - Audio issues for ringers and alarms
    - Call flash issue
    Note: I did still encounter a problem playing back alarms and when I noticed that, playing back an audio file also did not work. If I remember correctly, starting voice dialing still fixes the issue. Also I did not see the "device media processor busy" error when playback failed; it simply did not play anything and neither the track timer or progress bar moved.
    05-13-10 11:07 PM
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    This will probably be the last 8830 findings thread I will participate in. Look for my future input in the 9650 thread, starting May 23rd. You stay classy 8830, you are one of the most classy blackberries every made. (-_-)
    05-13-10 11:12 PM
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    i still have the chirp on calls.
    05-14-10 12:55 PM
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    Do we know if Sprint is supporting this release yet?
    05-17-10 12:19 AM
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    Do we know if Sprint is supporting this release yet?
    Yes, this is an official sprint release.
    05-18-10 12:33 AM
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    I noticed one BIG fix with this one, on the GSM side of the house. I was having trouble keeping a connection to BIS with .175, but with .186, no issues at all!

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    05-18-10 03:51 AM
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    does this version support bbm5?
    08-27-10 01:39 PM
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    Yes, I'm currently running bbm version
    08-27-10 05:25 PM
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    Attempting to update mine and it took all night to download and now has been updating since approx 10 am. Any suggestions?
    09-06-10 01:14 PM
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    Attempting to update mine and it took all night to download and now has been updating since approx 10 am. Any suggestions?
    Found the problem. Had to uninstall my Facebook Application and Pandora to get it to install. Then reinstalled them to get it to work.

    One issue post install...

    Blackberry Apps World losses its history and you need to reinstall any apps if you want them managed and accounted with the application...
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