1. San Diego Real Estate's Avatar
    I just converted to the 8830 from a Palm Treo 700WX... and I must say I'm Really Impressed with the BB platform!!!

    However, with that being said I am having issues setting up my pop e-mail accounts. For some reason I'm not getting e-mails into my BB that have rules on my desktop or laptop. I'm using Microsoft Outlook 2003 on both!

    Any Suggestions
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    12-15-07 11:30 PM
  2. San Diego Real Estate's Avatar
    Hey Folks one other thing I have noticed is after deleting the rules I still DO NOT Recieve those e-mails on my device???
    12-22-07 10:37 AM
  3. BBrian's Avatar
    Did you ever get POP emails?
    Or did they suddenly stop working?
    12-22-07 04:47 PM
  4. San Diego Real Estate's Avatar

    Yes I do get pop e-mails just not the ones that were set up with Rules and now I have deleted the rules and still do not recieve them on my 8830???

    12-22-07 05:23 PM
  5. Azchilicat's Avatar
    In either your Redirector or DM there is a spot to pick what folders get forwarded. I am assuming your rules are to sort into folders. They will not be forwarded until you go in and request this.
    12-22-07 09:40 PM
  6. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Azchilicat is right. Said folders have to be set to be 'forwarded'. If not, the said emails will not show on the BlackBerry...
    12-24-07 08:16 AM
  7. derek.dicamillo's Avatar
    OK, I have a question. I have outlook 2003 set up with a popmail account (yahoo) and I have a work address that uses Microsoft exchange server. My company has issued all of its blackberry network ids. what is my best option for getting my outlook to sync with my 8830? is it just to create rules to forward the messages? or does anyone have any better ideas.
    12-26-07 02:11 PM
  8. stillkill1's Avatar
    well, not ashamed to say but my BB service was shut off once and when I got it back up, I had to advance options/host routing table and re-register....then it worked, hope thats helps..
    12-26-07 02:22 PM
  9. chucky_b's Avatar
    Azchilicat is right. Said folders have to be set to be 'forwarded'. If not, the said emails will not show on the BlackBerry...
    Hate to call you guys out on this, but for POP (ie: BIS), there is no forwarding of folders...thats a BES feature.

    My suggestion would be to turn off your Outlook (or what ever email program you use), and try sending yourself emails from another email account....see if you get them.
    My thought is that Outlook is downloading a copy of the message before the BIS server can retrieve that email...if my test is successful, then there's a setting in your mail client to "leave a copy on the server".
    12-26-07 10:04 PM
  10. San Diego Real Estate's Avatar
    Could you please do me a favor and break it down Barney Style...

    I'm using multiple standard pop e-mail accounts (Aprox 8 different accounts). While I am getting the majority of my e-mails I am NOT getting the e-mails that I had created rules for sorting into diffferent folders in my Outlook 2003. I have even deleted that specific rule in both my desktop and laptop and I'm still not getting those e-mails...on my BB
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