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    I am not sure what happened today but all of a sudden my 8830 WE has started re-booting by itself. I am currently running:

    8830 Hybrid OS .169 + os5.0 (BETA)
    Verizon Network
    Unlocked (not that this should make any difference)

    The only thing I know I tried to do earlier today was download the Facebook OTA which errored out. I already had installed.

    Other then this everything has been working OK for the past few months. Any help would be appreciated.
    09-23-09 02:30 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    You might try going back to an official OS and see if that fixes the problems. Or try UNinstalling Facebook - maybe the partial download bollixed up something.
    09-24-09 12:11 AM
  3. Keith R.'s Avatar
    I'd try uninstalling facebook, and if that doesn't work, re-load your OS onto your 'berry. It's more than likely that because its a hybrid, something went screwy somewhere when trying to install facebook. I'm running the .169 with the updated v5.0 and i have noticed that when i install programs, it takes a very long time to install after it's downloaded, meaning the hour glass will stay on for a long time. Sometimes ive just given up waiting and pulled the battery, only to find that whatever i was installing installed without a hitch, but it got stuck in its thinking mode, so i'd say its some unseen issue with the hybrid that 3rd party software is slightly unstable
    09-24-09 12:17 AM
  4. 312's Avatar
    "Official" OSs Vs. "non-official" OSs won't necessarily make a difference.

    OP: What other apps do you have installed? When did you install the hybrid, and when did you start having reboot issues?
    09-24-09 02:19 AM
  5. asggold's Avatar
    I installed the OS a few weeks ago and had no issues until yesterday. I did try un-installing Facebook via Blackberry App World and then re-installing but that did not work.

    NOTHING else has changed on the Blackberry other then Facebook yesterday.
    The re-boots are very random. At first it happened twice in one hour. Then it lasted about 4 hours until I was in the middle of saving a calendar item when it re-booted again. I then turned off last night and when I turned on again this morning it re-booted after I looked at some messages (10 minutes after turning on).

    I can try and re-install the OS and see if that helps.

    As for other programs that are on the blackberry:
    BBM 5.0
    I think that is it.
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    09-24-09 06:14 AM
  6. jrhorner's Avatar
    Also check your memory if under 12M its time to spring clean your BB. Start by deleting and purging old msgs. Clear the event log. Clear your browser catch. Do a memory cleanup. Then pull your battery. Try this before you wipe your device. The first step is probably the main cause

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    09-24-09 06:43 AM
  7. asggold's Avatar
    I actually did clean out all the cache, memory, took out the battery etc... and that did NOT work. Still having the issue.
    09-24-09 07:46 AM
  8. asggold's Avatar
    Ok. I now tried re-installing the OS. We will see what happens now and if this fixed the issue.
    09-24-09 08:35 AM
  9. asggold's Avatar
    Well...reinstalling the OS did NOT seem to work either. I just tried to load Facebook and after loading and trying to log-in it re-booted again.

    I can NOT figure out what is happening since I made NO changes to ANYTHING except trying to load the Facebook yesterday which did NOT even end up installing.

    I am going to try and uninstall Facebook and see how long it will run without rebooting.
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    09-24-09 08:52 AM
  10. Keith R.'s Avatar
    To my knowledge, isn't the only added feature in support for os5.0? I could be completely wrong (wouldn't be the first time) but if that's the case, it sounds like the facebook app ( just messes with something in the OS. Perhaps try to just go back to after you re-install the hybrid?
    09-24-09 09:22 PM
  11. asggold's Avatar
    I ended up wiping out the entire phone and re-loading the OS + all the additional programs. It has now been running for almost an entire day and has not re-booted. So, I think it is now fixed.

    What I believe must have happened is when I tried to download the Facebook and it did not work that must have corrupted something OR changed the security settings in a way that causes errors.

    Thanks again for everyone's help and suggestions!
    09-25-09 07:55 AM
  12. Keith R.'s Avatar
    have you tried to re-install facebook I am curious if the facebook app corrupted the OS or if trying to install applications corrupts the OS. I'll try and install the new version of facebook tonight, or tomorrow to see if it kills my phone too or not, but I'm glad to hear that your phone is up and running again
    09-25-09 08:12 AM
  13. asggold's Avatar
    I did re-install Facebook but it was the version.

    What I can tell you is that when I originally downloaded the version I got a couple pop-ups during the install asking me if it was OK to overwrite Facebook:???? with Facebook:????. I wish I took a screen shot but I can not remember the exact wording. These came up 2X prior to getting the message saying the download did not complete. I did choose "Yes" on both of those pop-ups which could have been the issue.
    09-25-09 08:18 AM
  14. Keith R.'s Avatar
    You know, now that I am thinking of it, I downloaded BBM 5.0 OTA and it asked me if i wanted to over write the old bbm a couple times, and it said the download was incomplete and rebooted, and i then had no BBM, so i tried re-installing it with the OTA link, and it only asked me if i wanted to overwrite once, so i said yes, and it installed successfully, but get this. I immediately tried to reinstall it, so I don't know for sure if it would have kept randomly restarting, since i didn't give it the chance to. After it finished downloading, the hour glass was just chillin on my screen for at least 5 minutes until i pulled the battery and when it booted up everything was fine, and BBM 5.0 was working fine.

    This all happened before i upgraded to the .169 and hybrid 5.0, (IIRC, it was whichever version Verizon officially released.... .138 maybe?) which makes me think that maybe there is some glitch when combing 5.0 stuff (hybrid os, bbm, browser etc.) with 4.5 stuff. I've been up for about a day and a half so my logic isn't at 100% but maybe thats a cause of your rebooting.
    09-25-09 08:29 AM
  15. asggold's Avatar
    That would explain the excessive clocking every time I opened BBM 5.0 as well. I noticed it does not do that now but that could again be because I erased everything and re-loaded.

    I do have to say, I have not had that many problems (knock on wood) with this 8830 and I will be the first to download any beta apps I see out there I like. That is NOT the case with my wife's Blackberry Storm. That phone has more problems then any other phone I have had and SOMETHING seems to go wrong all the time.
    09-25-09 10:54 AM
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    Oh I know! This phone is so rock solid. Even the early versions of 4.5 (back in the day, what were they, .3x/.4x at their most unstableness were still super reliable. That's what I love about this phone. I've installed and played around with basically every experimental beta and even nuked it a few times and it still just works perfectly. It might be the greatest bb (I'll save it since it's greatness is being discussed in a few other threads).

    I am looking forward to the S2, but I can only hope its as stable as this phone. Hopefully it won't be a huge fail like the first one. I almost think RIM "neglected" this phone for so long for a reason, nothing needed to be changed.

    Just mt $0.02, again,


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    09-25-09 11:46 AM