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    I just noticed there is a BB on crickets home page. Its the BB CURVE 8530, does this mean the BB Phones can be flashed over to Cricket now? I noticed there was a forum on the phone I have:

    It was one on the SPRINT BB 8830 flash over to cricket, someone stated:

    You'll need BB Desktop Manager, Custom Cricket Service Book, Universal PST, CDMA Workshop 3.4.5, and CrackUtil in order to accomplish converting Blackberry to cricket.
    IS the above Statement true? I know it was back in 2009, but does anyone know if that is a true statement? Can I have this Sprint flashed over?

    I've seen Youtube videos and have heard that only phone and text work, I would wonder if Blackberry has allowed Cricket on (it says though VRZ) that this phone (Qualcomm 3G CDMA on back) can be done? I wasn't surprised it was through VRZ as my Motorola Q is one of theirs and flashed over to cricket also...

    Any straight and to the point suggestion would be appreciated. Don't want to waste valuable space on this awesome site.
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