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    Hi, I have an 8830 and my contacts will not sync from outlook 07. I use a BES server and everything else sync's fine. I have wiped the blackberry...I have deleted the user from the blackberry manager and still the same thing. I see a lot of people are having this issue with the calendar but my calendar is syncing fine. Any suggestions? I'm at a loss.
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    09-04-07 02:33 PM
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    I will be calling Verizon and Blackberry today to see if there is anything they can do about this. Hopefully they know why this is happening or can at least fix it. The blackberry has been fine for about two months and nothing has been updated or changed so I have no idea why this started happening.
    09-05-07 07:29 AM
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    I'm having the same problem as you.
    I'm still researching to see if I find the reason why this is happening.
    10-11-07 10:23 PM