1. jdwx's Avatar
    Didn't see this in a search, but it's a hard one to search.

    I put on my phone overthe weekend, all seems fine. Loving it actually.

    Strangely, this morning, I started getting calls from someone I've never called before saying that my phone was dialing them. Like about 15 times over 30-40 minutes!

    My call logs don't show it. But, they have my unlisted number, so I guess it happened.

    Not sure whether it was a system gltch or my phone glitching.

    Any thoughts?
    07-21-08 10:47 AM
  2. jdwx's Avatar
    Here interesting additional info. Alltel says their records show that the phone was making the calls. Yet it wasn't on my call log.

    07-21-08 11:02 AM
  3. kazmi's Avatar
    This happened with my wife's 8800 on AT&T. The call went to her family's home in Dubai and stayed dialed out for 71 minutes....needless to say I was stumped...I had upgraded her to the latest beta OS....
    07-21-08 11:45 AM
  4. jdwx's Avatar
    71 minutes? Ouch....

    The lady called me again and said the the name on the ID was some woman's name, not MY name, but it was my number.

    Last I checked around here, cell calls only showed the number and say "cellular call", name only shows up when calling out of area.

    Weird stuff.
    07-21-08 11:50 AM
  5. Fubarberry89's Avatar
    Wow, that shatters my plans of upgrading to 4.5 .51 when i get back to my Vista based PC, because I'm on my MacBook pro that I use for traveling, in which I can't install any new OS.

    Damn, I was looking forward to that. Oh well, i suppose i'll wait until the public 4.5 is released.
    07-21-08 02:01 PM
  6. jdwx's Avatar
    Well, as I'm talking to Alltel just now, they looked again, and it wasn't my phone. The numbers the first rep saw were the lady calling me back to complain each time she got a call.

    Apparently, (so this latest rep says) someone bought a phone recently and it isnt set up right somehow and is interfering with mine and showing my number and her name somehow. They can't get through to her as her phone is whacked and it will be fixed when she eventually complains about her phone not working right they said.

    In the meantime... They had me change a IMSI_s setting on the phone. It was previously my phone number, now they had me change it to a different number. Hmmm... Workaround?? We'll see if it works. haha...

    So, no fear, me changing the OS seems to just be amazingly coincidental to this issue. I love this new OS, I'd recommend upgrading to it if you can.
    07-21-08 02:12 PM
  7. Fubarberry89's Avatar
    Alright, that's a huge relief!
    07-21-08 04:40 PM