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    8830 is my favorite phone on the planet. I even have a 2nd device to use for parts in case this one breaks!

    Due to an eyesight problem, I hate hate hate and cannot use any phone with touch screens, which is all new phones according to Verizon. (If you're going to say, "But such and such model has a keyboard," yeah, but it also has a touch screen for apps which is problematic enough for me that I will just not have a smartphone at all. I did exactly that for years but I rly missed having a smartphone.)

    And no, getting glasses/contacts etc. does not solve the problem. I cannot freaking use touchscreens and I love the 8830. So please, no, "Get used to touch screens, blah blah..." I understand the technology situation. I can't change my eyesight. It is what it is.

    So now that you're done laughing at the fact that I use a trackball phone, let's get down to business.

    The one problem I can't figure out is how to synch my calendar. I've installed the latest OS and it works fine (also tried it with the original OS). I am trying to synch my Outlook calendar at work (either wirelessly or with the cable, doesn't matter to me) with the device.

    I've tried the BB desktop software and it doesn't synch anything. (It used to work great with Outlook a few yrs ago, on a different computer that had XP and Office 2003--this one has the latest Windows 7 I believe and Office 2010).

    I've tried setting up a Google Calendar to do the extra step of synching my Outlook with that, then synching that to my device, but the procedure fails on the 2nd step. It appears Windows Live Calendar will not work either.

    Anyone have any workarounds?
    08-04-13 09:16 AM
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    First off the 8830 is a great phone!!!! I had the model just before it, the 8700 and I still have some love for it! So I sure won't criticize your phone choice.

    Anyways if you are using Outlook or Live Calendar, you might need to install Outlook Connector to your PC, google it and you should be able to find it. It's a free MicroSoft app that helps to sync their calendars.
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    08-04-13 09:38 PM

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