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    I just got the 8800 from T-Mobile a couple hours ago and realized that it doesn't have a camera compared to the Curve. I don't see anywhere on the site where I can cancel my order. Do you think if I took it to a T-Mobile location, they would be able to exchange it for me since they're the same price after rebate? I don't like how they don't offer the Curve in black and how the keys are rounded but I don't think I can go without a camera!! help!! please!!

    I checked the prices on eBay too and it looks like the Curve is selling for a bit more than the 8800. The t-mobile site lists the 8800 MSRP as $50 more and that tricked me!!

    I like the longer battery life on the 8820, but the curve has an advertised 2.0 Megapixel high quality camera that can take pictures good enough for prints and I really want that feature!!

    -- Is the camera pretty much the only difference? More importantly, is the software better on one compared to the other?
    -- Which would you rather have and why?
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    A lot of companies have a policy where if you dont like the phone you can bring it back and exchange it. Normally if you just upgraded or started a contract, bring back the phone and say you're not happy and want to try switching it out. I know Verizon does it, I'm pretty sure others would. You could make a few threats to change providers, that might help too.
    12-22-08 12:59 AM
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    You have 15 days to bring it back and the camera and slight size difference are the only things different about the phones. I chose the curve for the camera

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    12-22-08 01:00 AM
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    I have both the 8300 Curve and the 8800, like them both, BUT, since my job requires that I go into extremely sensitive tech areas where you cannot take a camera or camera/phone (due to patent and research secrets) I use the 8800 more and carry a pearl without a sim card for taking pictures if need be.
    12-22-08 07:12 AM