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    Hi guys,

    Having searched through your forum and checking your FAQ's, I cannot find the answer I am looking for and I hope you don't mind my request for information?

    I have recently received a 8820 from Orange in the UK, which is on contract. I have arrived in Thailand (where I live) and obviously the phone needs unlocking (for cheaper calls etc), however, before I go to the local shop and have it unlocked, I need to clarify an issue.

    1. I am set up with blackberry.orange.co.uk for the email forwarding from my pop3 account. I use the one-2-call network in Thailand and I cannot find if they support email.
    Therefore can someone confirm if I unlock my phone to use the one-2-call network (Thailand) will I still receive my emails and do I have to set another forwarding account? If so, how do I go about it?

    Mr Non-Techy-head
    01-16-08 01:50 AM
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    Hi kolobos,

    Not sure if i can if my advice helps but here we go anyway.

    1. Have you tried going to the huge shopping mall MBK getting your phone unlocked. Go to the 4th floor and they have a whole floor dedicated to mobile phones. I would advise going with a Thai friend as (i) they will see you as a farang (foreigner) and charge you @ a higher price this is where your friend can bargain them down (ii) for interpretation as some may not speak english but most do so you could ask for advise regarding one-2-call.

    2. I am currently on an unlimited plan from AIS TH GSM @ only 1,800 baht per month (approx. $47 USD) which will provide you unlimited data plan and pushmail. You would better ask at Siam Paragon @ AIS Serenade center (AIS members only but say that you want to join over as from my understanding 1-2-Call is part of AIS - not sure if i am correct so check <http://www.ais.co.th/home.html> change the language to english.) The reason why at Siam Paragon Shopping Mall (every 1 knows in Bangkok) because one of the staff can speak english, they can service your needs because they have technical staff for BB8820 devices. I live Northeast of Thailand very difficult to find technical advice or assistance, Bangkok would be better choice. AIS BlackBerry promotion i am not sure if still available.

    Hope this was helpful but if AIS doesn't help you try "TRUE" which can also be a service provider for your needs but i have not tried them and i do not know what promotions they may have.
    **I have searched everywhere regarding GPS maps for Thailand with no luck for BlackBerry 8820.
    01-16-08 05:05 AM