1. croft's Avatar
    I bought an unlocked 8820 from Ebay. It has software version with platform

    I get to the home screen but it says "low battery" with the plug icon, but the battery doesn't charge after hours on the home and usb charger. I bought a new battery but it says the same thing. I tried three different chargers so it's not that. I can connect to the blackberry manager on my computer so the usb port seems ok.

    Should I upgrade the software? Any ideas? Thanks!
    01-31-09 07:00 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    The software has nothing to do with this issue.

    Unfortunately, this is why it is always best to purchase your device directly from your carrier. The phone you purchased could either have a defective battery, or a defective port.
    01-31-09 07:12 PM
  3. croft's Avatar
    After taking the battery out several times and blowing on the usb port, it's working now. Strange....but thanks!
    01-31-09 09:50 PM
  4. kpringle's Avatar
    i tried your tip and took the battery out and blew on port, battery, back of phone, everywhere i could find and still cant get it to work. any suggestions?
    01-30-10 07:56 AM
  5. beamolite's Avatar
    Buy a new battery.

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    01-30-10 08:07 AM
  6. flop's Avatar
    The port on my 8800 went all wonky and the cable needed to be pressured at a slight angle to make contact for charging.

    Then one day it snapped off. The good news is that my local repair shop (a generic no-carrier anti-guarantee place) did a great job and put a much better port than the OEM. So it wasn't so bad afterall. The OEM 88xx ports are a bit scary though...
    01-30-10 07:36 PM