1. videsupra's Avatar
    Hey folks,

    I'm new to CB, so I hope you don't bite

    I had a simple question. My employer is ready to pass along a hand-me-down BB for me to use and I'm wondering which one to take.

    A 8300 Curve or a 8820 World?

    Now, before you jump to answer, there is one other caveat - I do not currently have a data plan.

    I will have a data plan in the near future, but it may be a few months (contractual/money issues on behalf of the employers plan).

    With that in mind, which phone should I take?

    I like the aesthetics of the curve, but the 8820's Wi-Fi is REALLY making a pull for me since I can use that to get push e-mail at the office and free wi-fi hot spots until I get my data plan, whereas with the Curve, I'm stuck without any internet contact until I get a data plan. That is the only thing biasing me towards the 8820 right now.

    Opinions? And just to confirm - I can use Wi-Fi without a data plan right?


    08-13-09 03:11 PM
  2. dsdawson's Avatar
    You won't get push e-mail without a data plan, wi-fi or no. You will be limited to whatever you can get through regular web access over wi-fi.
    Wi-fi is certainly much faster than EDGE for data. That's what you are getting on the 8820, in place of the Curve's camera.

    08-13-09 04:32 PM