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    Well before you ask no I did not perform an update here's the events of what just happened.
    I was on my 8800 adding some contacts inbetween tweeting as I do and then it rebooted that was fine came back on and I carried out what I was doing before it rebooted then it did it again. And then it got stuck in the reboot cycle and it now only goes to a minute in the reboot cycle before it turns off and reboots again I really don't know what to do and I did even install and update I don't do that I find it too terrifiying please help me someone out there I know I come to you whenever I have problems but this time I really don't know what to do can someone help me either just reply on this hit me up on twitter @ColinYO and tweet me your solution or email me colinmail2@gmail.com


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    04-01-10 11:51 PM