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    Well first post on the forum and unfortunately it's a problem!

    Got an 8800 today. I have set it up etc, have even managed to set up a few e-mail address on it and am receiving e-mails to them, so it's working!

    Now my mate e-mailed me a link to mobile.blackberry.com for FB and MSN, when i click the links i get this message

    "sorry, your session has expired. Please close all of your browser windows and then return to the welcome page to start again"

    so if i try going to just the mobile.blackberry.com site it says

    "unfortunately your current device and or browser are not compatible for this site"

    It was bought 2nd hand, so taken it back to the shop isn't an option.

    I was thinking what if i update the software to the newest one, which is stickied in this section would that help? Only problem is i didn't get the CD with the right computer software to enable me to do this.. so where can i get that software from?
    07-18-09 07:00 AM
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    Well managed to download the App world from google on the phone, and now when i click it it's saying "Upgrade your service to a plan that includes browsing and discover a world of possiblities at blackberry app world"

    As far as i'm aware, i've unlimited internet etc
    07-18-09 08:28 AM
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    Call your provider make sure you have a BlackBerry BIS plan. If you do have them resend your service books.

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    07-18-09 10:41 AM
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    Also check the browser options, I had to make changes to mine out of the box to get it to work correctly..

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    07-18-09 01:40 PM