1. rcshung's Avatar
    Hi everyone

    I've been using treo & palm handhelds for a long time and just pick up a BB8800 ytd.

    I've no problem picking emails with the BB but any idea how to activate the firewall to protect the BB against email with viruses? Is it necessary to do regular virus scanning like a PC? I didn't use the versamail in treo beforehand.

    Apart from the flashing red light, how can I get a sound alert when I get new messages?

    I've been syncing my contacts (about 5500) between my treo and my ofc Goldmine 6.7 dBase in the server. I did it via companionlink express 2.0. I tried to adjust the settings with companionlink to suit BB but was not successful, anybody has any solution?

    I'm residing in Sydney, Australia. Can I purchase/download maps so I can use the GPS function?

    Thx a lot!!
    06-07-07 08:45 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!

    The beauty of BlackBerry, it's not a Windows O.S., and the likelihood of it getting a 'virus' is almost slim, to none...

    Go to profiles, normal, edit, messages, and edit the notifications there...

    Not sure about the Companinlink express question. Do you not use Outlook? If yes, export from Goldmine, and import into Outlook, then sync your device via Desktop Manager (DM) with Outlook...

    Your device already has BlackBerry Maps, no? You should be able to start GPS (options / advanced options / gps) and use that program...
    06-07-07 08:50 PM