1. ericric38's Avatar
    hi im a newbie with me bb8800
    so i was trying to put a new theme in my bb8800 just now, so i plugged the phone to my pc and turned on desktop manager...went to app loader them add/remove app...found the theme i wanted to upload them hit next....

    but then later, it started to copy and erase apps from my phone?! ive installed themes b4 on my phone and ive never seen anything like that...so i hit the cancel button when the status on the status bar said erasing apps...then i disconnected the phone to the pc....maybe i should have left it as is?

    right now...my phone will not start up...the red indicator light blinks twice every 2 seconds...please help fast!
    04-18-09 01:11 PM
  2. Orias3141's Avatar
    Search for: recover a nuked berry... There are a quite a few threads here regarding a dead berry. You'll come across a few programs some crackberry geniuses have shared with us: jl cmdr and crack util. Beautiful programs- they've saved many a berry.
    04-20-09 01:45 AM