1. i be beast's Avatar
    well i have had my 8220 since xmas and has been working great. but today i took it out of my pocket to call someone and noticed it was off... i tried to power it on but nothing happened... the screen would light up with the hour glass, and after a few seconds it would close and a red light would turn on, and then the screen, red light and so on...

    it just wont turn on, OR read the device on desktop manager. so there's no way of restoring it...

    02-03-09 07:00 PM
  2. iPhone0001's Avatar
    It sounds like it is trying to boot up, thus the red light, but for some reason it is not. Have you attempted any OS upgrades or anything that could have possibly gone wrong? If not, you may want to take that back to T-Mobile and see what they can do or possible get a replacement phone.

    Good Luck!
    02-04-09 11:43 AM
  3. LDubs's Avatar
    1. did you try a battery pull?

    2. do a search for "nuked berry", you might be able to get it to fire up using that.
    02-04-09 12:54 PM
  4. gretchenb25's Avatar
    2 battery pulls and now just won't power on at all. the red light flashes a couple of times pauses and then flashes 2more times...what does this mean? can't it be saved?

    I know I need to just wipe it and restart. Which is fine, I have actually been backing it up on a regular basis, but how can I get it to a place where I can power it up to even mess around with the os? suggestions? tips? email me at gretchenb25 at yahoo dot com. Thanks!
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    04-15-10 08:50 PM