1. thamiltonjeaj's Avatar
    Hello All,

    1. On my main screen it says I can add a folder. I get that, but how do I save notes or documents into that folder? If no, what can it be used for?

    2. Installed Viigo, Crakberry edition, and it worked fine, but as of this past Monday it doesn't update any channels...what's the deal?
    03-04-08 07:07 PM
  2. Sniperet's Avatar
    When you add a folder to your applications page you can move little used icons into that folder. I use it to keep all the icons I would normally hide and forget about. As far as I know you can't use it to store documents.

    Can't answer your Viigo question, I don't use it.
    03-04-08 07:14 PM
  3. cjcarbone's Avatar
    For viigo, they suggested a forced shutdown of the program, and reboot viigo. THey had a server migration, and that caused some issues, your viigo is still looking for the old server.

    How i use folders...
    i have one that is for all my email icons, my separate gmail inboxes, my saved messages, my messages, and my compose. THat way i can have all my email accounts on my home screen, as i prefer the zen.
    The 2nd folder is all my apps i loaded, the CB launcher, Black and whitelist, BBProfiles, viigo, jivetalk, google search, opera facebook, berry411 and BBWeather, that way, i still have all my most used programs in 1 place, again in the top 5 applications.

    My 5 home screen apps are
    Email folder
    Most used apps folder
    Address book
    03-04-08 08:29 PM