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    While I was flashing my boss's 8330 today, I noticed that my co-worker's 8830 was still running on v. 4.2! Needless to say, I convinced her into letting me flash her phone to v. from Verizon.

    Everything seems to be working fine, but after the update, the sample pictures folder is empty. She used to use a flower image as her wallpaper and it was part of the sample pictures folder. Any ideas on what happened?

    Also, if the lack of a call timer bothers her, I'll flash her 8830 to .160. However, given that this isn't a Verizon-approved release, how's the stability of .160 compared to .138? It seems like each OS release has its own share of issues, but the stickies thread makes it sound like the .160 release has a few annoying problems (e.g. Chirping sound, media playback, etc.) that only a crackberry enthusiast would put up with.


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    08-28-09 02:22 AM
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    I found .160 to be more stable, smooth, and faster on my 8830 overall, but I couldn't deal with the media playback problem. That media playback issue also extends to the playback of ringtones and alerts.

    PS. Now I run on .135. It is stable, but lags more often than I care for. Sometimes with an hourglass, sometimes without. So it is stable, but not as smooth as .160.
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