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    Okay, obviously there is something about the SYM table that I am missing. When I press the SYM key on my 8830, I see the SYMBOLS and what appear to be corresponding letters. I know I can roll over to the needed symbol and press it but is there some way to press those keys, say "L" and get the AMPERSAND?

    Otherwise why show letters and not just pick the needed symbol.

    Thanks in advance

    edited to add: Ah, too simple or too late at night or .... (pick your IDIO(t)m).... Instead of scrolling over to the symbol, at that point you can press the corresponding letter!!!!

    (but if not for the forum and asking the question, I would not have arrived at an answer!)
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    When SYM table is up, pressing the key associated with the symbol will type that symbol, or you can scroll and select it with the trackball... whichever is quicker for you.
    05-20-08 12:30 AM
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    Just press the symbol key and the letter L and it will drop the ampersand into your file.

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    05-20-08 12:45 AM