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  1. drewlewis07's Avatar
    Mine is broken and they will replace it with another 8830 or a pearl. I know the camera and split keys are different on the pearl but what will i miss about my 8830 if I go with the pearl?
    01-02-08 05:15 PM
  2. castlerock611's Avatar
    Well,if you could, try to get them to give you pearl 8130,that one has the new OS running,that allows video recording,streaming audio and video,allows the use of higher memory cards and the 3.5 mm jack allows you to use standard headphones,the rest of us without pearls are waiting endlessly for this updated OS.
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    01-02-08 05:41 PM
  3. BryceS's Avatar
    There is only one pearl available to CDMA as far as I know and it has the new OS.
    01-02-08 06:47 PM