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    Hi all, I am new to BB and have just gotten my very first 8830 WE on the Sprint network, so far i love it!!!! i do have some questions though, i recently downloaded to my Mac (only have Mac, no access to PC) some ringtones, they were in .wav and .mp3 format, i emailed them to my BB and was only able to install the .wav attachment, the mp3 one gave an error that said, "file not recognizable format" what am i doing wrong and why does it let me install the .wav attachment and not the mp3 attachment, i did a search on here but did not find much as far as answers for my situation, no bluetooth on comp, no media card. the files were both well under the max. file size limits, if i remember correctly, the .wav was 44kb and the mp3 is 88kb, any suggestions to solve this dilema?
    01-06-08 11:40 AM
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    wow 21 views and no help or suggestion, where are all the guru's watchin the Giants wallop the Bucs no doubt!!!!!

    just a small bounce ttt.
    01-06-08 06:15 PM
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    Try this link: BlackBerry Search Results

    I am not to familiar with the 8830.
    01-06-08 06:58 PM
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    Try this link: (unable to post link in reply, less than 10 posts) Search Results

    I am not to familiar with the 8830.

    Thanks, did not seem to find anything other than the bbmedia player should suppoet mp3's along with various other formats. maybe it is just an email issue, however it did accept the .wav file i emailed. Thanks anyways....
    01-06-08 07:06 PM