1. dale_fater's Avatar
    I just got my 4GB SD card working and am trying to save attachments to my SD Card so I can pop the card in my laptop and then email it via the BB. Anyone have any advice.
    The media card is recognized cause I was able to save powerpoint slides to the card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    02-15-08 07:51 PM
  2. jcj1's Avatar
    you cannot save documents to card from device but can store them on it by transfering from PC to card - but still won't be able to access them on device
    02-15-08 08:27 PM
  3. neilwick's Avatar
    The question is confusing. To save the file onto your card using the BlackBerry, you need to save it from the browser. If you have a web interface for your email this would allow you to do that. Another way is to send the file through an attachment service such as yousendit.com. The browser will refuse to download a file that is too big. For doc or xls the limit is probably around 475K.

    There should be no problem saving files to your card on the PC and then emailing them from the BlackBerry. Is that what you are asking?
    02-15-08 09:36 PM
  4. dale_fater's Avatar
    Ok, I have a BB 8830 WE for work. I will receive documents in an email on my WE and I want to save it to my SD card. Then I will take the SD card, plug it into my laptop, make necessary modifications and put the card back in the WE and email the file back out.
    When I was working in Excel attachments or Word attachments; saving it whatsoever was not an option. At least I couldn't figure it out. I could open a Powerpoint presentation and save one slide at a time; but nothing else.
    Hopefully that helps.
    02-15-08 10:56 PM
  5. Connert's Avatar
    I am using GridMagic to edit Excel files on the BB and then email. Not sure what to use for Word but I think I read that the new OS 4.5 would work with Doc to Go. I've used Doc to Go on WS in the past. Works very well.
    02-18-08 06:29 PM