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    Hello everyone,

    Newbie here. All of the info I read is terrific and much appreciated. I have a question that I'm hoping someone on here can assist with. I'm a Sprint data customer and purchased an 8830 a few weeks ago.

    I'm a small business owner who doesn't have the luxury of a large Corporate America Enterprise Server that downloads email immediately and synchs accordingly. Unknowingly to me when I bought the BB, I didn't realize the company that is my work email websites/servers doesn't "push" email immediately. Sometimes it takes 15-20 minutes to receive work email. When I called Sprint BB IT, they said the only way to receive email immediately would be to redirect my work email to the "@sprint.blackberry.net" email address that came with the device. This is great, however with redirecting the email, it no longer synchs with my Outlook.

    My thought to fix this would be to set up the "@sprint.blackberry.net" account thru Outlook. But customer service refused to give me the server settings for this. HELP! Am I totally out of luck and have to live with my work email arriving 15-20 minutes after it's been sent?
    01-06-08 08:36 PM
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    duplicate post
    01-06-08 08:41 PM
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    They didn't refuse, there are any settings for that. No one can.

    Forwarding to your sprint address, in my opinion, is not smart and not a good solution. Those @xxx.blackberry.net addresses tend to gather lots of spam and crap.

    You could forward to a Gmail address and get instant push.
    01-06-08 08:42 PM