1. mcontuzzi's Avatar
    So does anyone have this app? Free at yellowpages.com says it is great for finding #'s and directions. Similar map feature to google maps. Worth a look.
    05-31-08 01:29 PM
  2. yogi's Avatar
    Yes it works perfectly.
    05-31-08 07:50 PM
  3. insilentmovies's Avatar
    Yes, it's very handy to have! It'll save you from having to go from app to app.
    06-02-08 09:58 AM
  4. Msmari's Avatar
    Yes i use this almost everyday... I love it...
    06-02-08 10:00 AM
  5. Online's Avatar
    I didn't know they had this app. Downloading now.
    06-02-08 10:42 AM
  6. karenkeith's Avatar
    i just recently switched over to at&t and their data plans are confusing. is yellowpages.com part of the BIS data plan or are there any extra charges involved into using it?
    06-15-09 03:55 AM
  7. Iceman's Avatar
    I have it as well and love it.
    06-15-09 06:32 AM
  8. karenkeith's Avatar
    the last post is encrypted. what was that gaumurf? does the yellowpages.com mobile cost anything or is it part of the unlimited data of BIS?
    06-16-09 02:27 AM
  9. b8x4c34's Avatar
    there is no additional cost
    06-16-09 11:42 AM
  10. mr2kool09's Avatar
    So downloading the mobile yellowpages app onto a blackberry does not charge additionally like the GPS does?

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    02-06-10 02:49 PM