1. mystics7's Avatar
    i have not heard or seen anthing about OS 4.5 for the 8703 (sprint or VZ) to be availble for the 8703. Can any one point me in the direction to show if it will be available or not?
    02-26-09 10:53 AM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    i haven't heard anything about a software update for the 8703 if there is going to be one it will probably take awhile. look how long it took for the 8830 lol
    02-26-09 10:56 AM
  3. mystics7's Avatar
    true the 8830 did take a longtime, thank you for the reply!!
    02-26-09 11:02 AM
  4. uncheels23's Avatar
    no problem !
    02-26-09 11:03 AM
  5. njhorvath's Avatar
    Sprint authorized the upgrade to OS 4.5 on Friday. It should be up on sprint.com/downloads and blackberry.com by Monday
    02-28-09 09:33 AM
  6. njhorvath's Avatar
    My guy @ Sprint says its delayed now. No real surprise there. I'll post more when I hear more

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    03-02-09 10:52 AM
  7. MOESTEPP's Avatar
    why isnt this version been leaked.. I have 8830, 8330, and 8703e and my son has a Storm... I know its nutz... But 4.5 on all except 8703e.... Storm has What is the reason behind no 4.5 or no leaked betas...odd... I wonder if we could build a hybrid like the 9500 storm and the 9530 storm...

    Maybe 8700 GSM files 4.5 copied into the 8703 4.2 directory....probably a long shot.
    03-02-09 11:53 AM
  8. mystics7's Avatar
    Long shot is not the word, 8700 GSM is a different chip than the CDMA 8703. just have to wait to Sprint get's off there *** and releases it, but still funny (like you said) not leak of it
    03-05-09 12:50 PM
  9. FuturaxLabs's Avatar
    Yea ive been wondering why there is no 4.5 build for the 8703e, even a beta build. I just picked up a brand new 8703e, been wanting one for a long time and got it real cheap. But i was hoping to update to 4.5 once i switch from my 8330. I guess i may just switch to my 8130 Pearl until sprint decides to release an official build for the 8703. Hopefully we wont have to wait much longer.
    03-13-09 09:20 PM
  10. juniorgentile's Avatar
    i hope we dont
    03-22-09 12:25 AM