1. pawscal's Avatar
    I just bought a used 8703e from ebay that is locked to the verizon network , now i want to unlock it and put it on the bell network here in Canada, there both CDMA.

    1-is it do-able?
    2-Is this something i can do myself?
    03-12-09 02:24 PM
  2. guitar2989's Avatar
    sorry, unlocked phones only work on GSM networks. So for example, in the US I have a unlocked storm on verizon. Though it is a CDMA phone, it also has a SIM card slot and GSM capability. I can use the phone on any GSM network ( att, cingular, t mobile ) but i cant use it on sprint which is a CDMA network. So to answer your questions, 1. You can not use an unlocked phone on a CDMA network, 2. So, no. Sorry
    03-12-09 02:31 PM
  3. pawscal's Avatar
    ohh so essentially I have a paperweight... haha dam! ohh well it was only 30$, plus i got a charger so im good!
    03-12-09 03:17 PM