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    Hi guys,

    I just got a used Blackberry 8700g. When i bought it, i did not pay attention to IMEI numbers. When i went to register my phone to BIS data plan, i realized that the device has one PIN number but 2 different IMEI. One is located at the back, on the label under the battery.. Starting with 375....., and the other one is located in the OS ( when you do *#06#) starting with 358......

    So, the person in charge of my carrier, activated my BIS according to the IMEI located in the OS ( 358...). Then when i tried to create a new account on my carrier"s website, i got an error saying that "The PIN number and IMEI do not match". Then i tried to enter the IMEI (375...) located at the back, wadaaa, PIN number and IMEI matched and i was able to create the new account. And on my screen, i can see EDGE, so my BIS data plan was activated, right?

    My question is, since i registered my device with other IMEI, would my carrier act like i use my data plan at another phone and charge me per kb?
    Meanwhile, when i send the service books from my account( IMEI 375...), everything comes to my phone (IMEI 358...) correctly. So, two different IMEI work mutually.

    On the other hand, my browser icon is missing. I tried the suggestions i saw here. I registered again fom the 'Host route table', resent the service books, did a hard reset but the icon is still missing. I have the Wap browser but when i get into Browser configuration, i have only one option as "Turkcell Wap", no internet browser
    Meanwhile there is no problem at sending and receiving e-mails from my phone. The only thing is i cant use Blackberry Browser.
    I also installed Opera Mini, and it was working but i heard that usage of Opera Mini is not included in BIS data plan and your carrier charge you per kb, is that correct?

    I would be glad if anyone can help me about these matters.

    05-06-09 03:44 AM