1. Scid's Avatar
    I am having difficulties viewing attachments on my BB8700, does it view attaccments and if so, what formats does it view? Or..Is there a 3rd party software application you would recommend for mviewing attachments?
    01-29-09 07:42 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    The Blackberry Attachment Service gives BES and BIS users the ability to open and view email attachments in the following formats: doc, xls, ppt, wordperfect, pdf, ascii, html, jpg, bmp, gif, png, and tiff, and the zip'd versions of these. If your have your device OS installed as an app on your PC, run the Desktop Manager App Loader and select it. If the BlackBerry Attachment Service doesn't show up as an option, you need to download and install your OS on your PC first, then run the DM App Loader.
    01-29-09 10:36 PM