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    Good afternoon CrackBerry Nation,

    I have a quick question for you guys regarding a used 8700c that my friend bought on eBay and is trying to upgrade, activate, etc. I have an 8330 and know quite a bit about my phone, and hers seems similar in a lot of ways, but she currently is running software version 4.2. She has no browser, cannot activate her personal Yahoo.com e-mail address (because it only allows the Enterprise Email Activation), etc.

    All she got with the phone was the battery, charger, and the phone itself. No USB cable or Desktop disk like the one that came with mine. Is there a way to text message the OS 4.6 or 5.0 to her phone without having to connect it to a PC? We can't e-mail it to it of course, and she doesn't have a browser.

    My next question is, with a software upgrade, will that give her a browser and personal e-mail capabilities, or is that another situation altogether? In a pinch, I can use my USB cable that came with my 8330 with hers to link it to my PC, but I still don't have a BB desktop. Can I use the BB desktop disk that came with my 8330 on her 8700c if we have to, or is there a place that I can download the desktop software online to my PC?

    I have looked and looked and haven't found any of these answers, so please let me know your thoughts when you have a second. THe easiest route to take would be best for her. She has AT&T, and her Data plan is active on her phone as well, so I think as far as the services needed to upgrade provided by her carrier are good to go at this point.

    I told her that I have been a member here for quite a while, have orderded hardware and software from this site, you ahve answered quite a few questions for me, and this would be a good first step. Thanks so much for your help!
    03-02-10 03:50 PM
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    you will have to get her a data plan for her device for internet and emails to work. yes, your usb is the same as hers. you can go to BlackBerry.com to download the desktop manager. since you say she has data, go to the blackberry site and create a BIS account, you will need her PIN, and resend her service books. this may solve the problem.
    03-02-10 04:26 PM
  3. Pointnino's Avatar
    Ok, awesome. I will download the desktop software when I get home from work. Will the disk that came with my 8330 work with her 8700c? I don't have the disk here at work, so I don't know what it looks like offhand.

    I guess this would be a good opportunity to set it up for mine too. I never loaded it because I did everything I ever needed to do from my BB or online through this site or some others.

    I am having her set up her BIS account now. We'll see if that works. That should solve her email issue, but will the software upgrade give her an internet browser? that's issue number two. Let me know your thoughts on that one.

    Again, your help is MUCH apprecaited! Cheers!
    03-02-10 05:22 PM