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    After spending nearly a day fooling with the various versions of the buggy Desktop Manager I managed to trick-merge the 3.6a version (which works but lacks support for word document USB transfers) and a 4.1.1 version (which always refused to stay connected more than 1/1000th of a second).

    Being poor means I'm stuck with my computer running win98se for now.

    I mean I got horrible knee and hip arthritus (at a tender young age of 33) and all I wanted was something I could transfer word documents to/from my cheap and new BB 8700c so that I could read/edit texts from bed or my easy chair.

    I mean in theory it's supposed to be easy... and according to the site if the BB is device version 4.5+ it'll have that Documents To Go feature... and Desktop Manager 4.1 and work in win98 (if ya believe them that is... both 4.0 DM and 4.1 DM would get 95% installed and then give some wimpy MSI install error) ... so I kind of had to install 3.6 DM and then manually unpack 4.1 with winrar and try to work out what files to copy over to fuse the one small thing I want out of the newer version into an older one.

    Still haven't worked out why the BB shows up in my device manager but won't give me a drive in "my computer". Yeah, I know the 8700c has only a tiny built-in 64mb flash memory and no SD-card, but considering I won't be using more than 5mb for word document storage, I don't see why I shouldn't be able to drag'n'drop a few small text files over to it.

    I mean I could go buy a SIM card, and pay for unneeded cell-phone and data service, but damn it, I'm trying to be cheap here. (Rogers sucks up enough cash from ppl. My neighbour had to pay to get her phone/tv/net all turned back on... after ROGERS had a power-failure at their office. She had her stuff protected with a UPS... you'd think Rogers would have something like that).
    12-01-09 06:23 PM
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    The 8700c series is too old to support USB flash mode. If you had one of the newer devices that supports mounting the SD card, you could drag/drop files there.

    However, you need to use the Desktop Manager with Media Sync to sync files to/from the BB.

    Where are you downloading DTM from? Perhaps the download is not going through correctly.
    12-03-09 02:55 PM
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    The main prob I had with Desktop Manager 4.0 + 4.1 was that "error 1720" (relating to msi scripts). Research says its related to a missing or corrupt version of windows script 5.6 (which I re-DL'd from microsoft and it didn't fix the problem). Evidently MS's version must be corrupt cause I managed to find a similar patch on one of those missing-dll type websites and the problem went away.

    So now I have a fully working 4.1 DM.

    Media Sync doesn't appear until 4.7... and 4.7 requires XP (I'm stuck with win98se)

    I've learned to load (add) and erase .cod files from my BB using Javaloader. (and had some luck learning to convert .jar/.jad files to .cod)

    I'd love help if you know the javaloader command to copy a specific file off the BB to my pc... or to target a specific directory on the BB. Looks like the copy-to-pc command is "save" (haven't tested it yet). "javaloader -usb dir" will return a list of all files on teh BB, but I don't see my test-save word2go word document (named testd.doc) or anything that even looks like that test document (seems to list only the main directory... but not sub-directories).

    I'm thinking if I learn the commands right I could change this:
    javaloader -usb load filename.cod
    (which basically means "copy filename.cod to the root directory of the usb device")
    to something like this:
    javaloader -usb load wordtext.doc devicememory/home/user/documents
    (which would mean copy wordtext.doc to the given directory)

    What I could really use is someone with the know-how to pull apart Desktop Manager 4.7 (or whatever version that has media manager and allows for transferring .jpg and .doc and such files) and have them simplify the program so that it'll run on win98se.

    KernelEx (a program designed to allow some XP programs like Office XP to run in win98se) doesn't allow DM 4.7 to work in win98se. Getting the KernelEX ppl to work on one program when I'm probably the only guy requesting it will probably not get a new KernelEX version produced (they only add to it when its something big and widely requested... like an XP game or something)
    12-04-09 07:06 AM