1. Blur's Avatar
    I have been searching the internet for hours and can't find any information on the problem I'm having. I have an 8700c running OS
    Running Desktop Manager 4.3. I've read where you need to delete vendor.xml and blackerry.axl from a folder at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\8700-vxx.x.x.x.x.xxxx ).
    First of all, there is no folder called Shared. There is a folder called Apploader where I found the vendor.xml file, but no blackberry.alx.
    Does anyone know how to upload themes? I'm at a loss here...
    03-02-08 12:25 AM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    I think you're making it more difficult than it is, read this about 3rd party apps, and post again here if you need to.
    How do I add Third Party Applications to my BB? - BlackBerryFAQ.com
    03-02-08 12:33 AM
  3. Blur's Avatar
    So are you saying to install the blackberry.alx file that way? Because the theme files are .jad files.
    And if so, can I use the Cingular file listed in the FAQ? (I tried to post the url but it wouldn't let me.)
    I'm with AT&T and didn't know if this file would work with OS
    Thanks for any help.
    03-02-08 12:49 AM
  4. cjcarbone's Avatar
    It sounds like you dont have the device softwate installed on your PC, open the DM, click on ABOUT DM, then click on the Device Tab.
    You should see the OS that is on your device listed there. If not, go HERE
    and install the correct device software..

    Also, .jad files are OTA download files, i dont think there is any way to use the DM to install them..
    03-02-08 01:00 AM
  5. Blur's Avatar
    Under the device tab there was nothing displayed so I think you might be onto something. But another question: When I went to the link you posted, all I could find was software for the handheld itself. It says:

    Software For BlackBerry 8700c (AT&T)

    BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.2.1.155 (Multilanguage)

    Package Version:
    Consisting of:
    Software Platform:
    File name: 8700M_PBr4.2.1_rel155_PL2.3.0.79_A4.2.1.96_ATT.exe
    File size: 61.77MB
    Note: Once installed, v (Platform will be displayed under Settings > Options > About on the handheld.

    Download Software
    View Upgrade Instructions

    My handheld already has 4.2.96. Do I need to install it again to get it on my Desktop Software or am I looking at the wrong thing?
    03-02-08 01:23 AM
  6. sunkast's Avatar
    You need to have it installed on your computer too. Download the file and install it on your computer.
    03-02-08 01:34 AM
  7. Blur's Avatar
    Will do. I just saw on cjcarbone's post where there is no way to upload .jad
    files. I didn't realize that. I had some Motorola phones and had software for them to upload .jar and .jad files to the phone. Wish there was software for the Blackberry to do it.
    Thanks for everyone's help. I'll try this tomorrow. I'm going to bed...
    03-02-08 01:42 AM
  8. cjcarbone's Avatar
    When you DL the device software, make sure you get the same version as already installed on your BB, and install it to the comp, you will get the shared folder, so that is your problem right there.

    But .jad files cant be installed from the Desktop Manager, regardless if you have the OS installed or not.
    .jad are to be downloaded OTA,
    03-02-08 01:44 AM
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    how can i put my blackberry themes to the internet
    my email is
    01-19-10 11:39 AM