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    hey everyone,
    i recently upgraded my 8700c to os4.5 and everything works fine and i love it. for some reason it wont let me respond to emails that i have recieved. IT says "no message services required. You willonly be able to save as draft". I resent service books and still nothing. ive pulled the battery and reset the service books through phone and att website. ive re-registered the handheld and nothing works to fix the issue. i spent an hor and 45 minutes on the phone with att bb support and.....nothing.

    One thing i did see was in my service book thing in adv options its says my email and in brackets [CICAL], and again it has my email the same way with a 0with a line through it but in brackets [CMIME]. i dont know if this helps, but any help is greatly appreciated, i might just go with a bold anyway, but not if this works!

    02-13-09 11:23 PM
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    Your service book for your email is wrong. The 0 with the/ shouldn't be that way. Is this email your sedtting up pop3 or imap? Pop3, delete the email account thruogh the bis webpage and set it up again. Imap, delete thr account then when setting it up again only put your email address in. No password. Then it will ask you if you would like to enter the info manually. Do it that way. What email account is this?

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    02-15-09 09:58 AM
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    my email is @att.blackberry.net.
    ive gone to att websit to resend the book and when i go throught the wizard it prompts for a work enterprise code?
    i dont know what BIS and that stuff means?
    02-16-09 12:55 AM
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    02-16-09 12:56 AM
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    Your att.blackberry.net email shouldn't have to do either of the things I suggested. You going to have to call att back unfortunetly. Call them back and ask for a blackberry tech. Explain to them the same about this and have them delete your email account and recreate it again.

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    02-16-09 07:16 AM
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    when you log into the att bis web side on the far right side of the email you should see a trash can if you click it that's the delete button for that email. you can then delete it and then re add it back afterwards and it should send fresh service books to you bb
    02-16-09 02:14 PM