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    I recently upgraded from my 8700c to the 8310 with AT&T. I called AT&T and got the unlock code so that i could use the 8700c with my wife's Suncom sim card. In a few short minutes i had the unlock complete and the Suncom card installed. I can send SMS text and make phone calls as i was hoping.Although my wifes nokia could send and recieve MMS text she cannot in the Blackberry 8700c. I have a friend who sends and recieves MMS text in his 8700g through suncom. I assumed that when i unlocked the 8700c that it would unlock any features specific to that carrier and preform just like and 8700g. Is there any way to install Suncom's specific 8700 series software on the 8700c from AT&T? Will she need the data plan offered by Suncom for the blacberry to use the MMS? Any help on these items would be greatly appreciated.
    11-13-07 06:12 PM