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    i want to purchase an unlocked 8700......my choices are 8700g or 8707v...i am going to use at&t but they are each carrier branded with the tmobile logo and the 8707 with the vodaphone logo.......my question is, will my at&t internet browser work fine with it??? will everything be fine once i put my SIM card inside or do i have to upgrade or download anything to my phone to make the browser work like normal??? let me know, thanks!!
    01-04-09 05:30 PM
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    I do not know because your case sounds like an uncommon UK/US hybrid. I think it will work 100% provided the 87xx you select supports the frequencies used by AT&T, which I imagine they do.

    However, although the 8707v supports G3 broadband, I think the higher speeds will not work in the USA because of slight differences in their respective UMTS 2100 setups.
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    01-06-09 05:47 AM